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Donate to the Project using the button below, or why not sponsor one of the three choices below and become a project supporter.

Invest in renewables

Small scale renwable energy systems are going to be a huge part of the successful energy transition away from fossil energy. We have the potential to develop an integrated grid-linked system utlizing the solar, hydro and wind resources of this site. We want to do this in a sensitive and low impact fashion and in a way that it makes a long term contribtion to the local energy economy.

It is our intention to encourage support other communites to do the same and to share the learning and knowledge from the experience of developing our systems here. Not only will it enable to host coruses and volunteers camps etc here, it will also provide something of value to study and learn from.

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Sponsor a Volunteer

Invest in people. We are very keen to work with volunteers and to take on folk in an apprentice role, especially those who have graduated from our courses. There are always all sorts of costs involved with hosting volunteers, as well as providing some travel adn licing expenses as well. This is a great way to help the project grow and will create fantaisitc opportunites for people wanting to gain first hand experience working on a permaculture project.

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Sponsor a Tree

Allow us to invest in developing a food forest at Pen Y Garnedd. Obviously we are wanting to develop sustainablke yields from the land, fruit, fuel, fodder for animals and coppice wood as well. Development is this area will also allow us to develop the biodivsity of the upland site. More insects, more habitat, more opportunity for species to feed, nest and live here.

Intensive agriculture and extensive grazing is having a very serious impact on local biodiversity and bird numbers for example are dropping as a demonstration of this fact.

We are embracing permaculture principles at Pen Y Garnedd, which value and encourage biodivsity and wildlife as a productive and essential part of any farmed system.

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