Painfully close!

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We are all pretty devastated to see three months of work hopes and dreams evaporate beofre our eyes as the land at Pen Y Garnedd we have been persuing has been sold to a cash buyer. It is a challenge as a cooperative, needing to raise a mortgage and build concensus with members, seeking planning guidance etc.. to do it quickly. It has actually been three months at least since we made an offer on teh land so we can understand the vendor getting impatient, but it seems like we missed out on the sale by one day only!! So coming so close really hurts….

We have had formal notification from Triodos bank that they approve our business plan and therefore the mortgage and we have been able to riase the rest in lonastock that we need for the both the sale and to erect the barn that we know we will wold need.

I guess all we can do now is stand by and be ready if and when something comparable comes on the market… so watch this space for developments.

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