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permaculture at pen y garnedd

Permaculture at Pen y Garnedd Logo, by Ian Watt

Ian has been busy working on a logo design for the Pen Y Gardnedd Permaculture research Institute and we have come up with an idea of how folk might be able to get more directly  involved in supporting the project. As well as accepting donations we are also seeking sponsorship in three key areas of project development.

The logo refelcts the Earth Care, People Care, Fair Shares ethic of permaculture, or put another way, investment in

  • Earth capital in the form of biodiversity, soils, water-retention,
  • Social capital, people, edcuation, inter-connnctions, community, and
  • Local Economies and local resources, as expressed by the water wheel icon.

Parallel to this we are develop a sponsorship scheme, with the same three strands.

Sponsor a tree: Will help us channel resources into the development of our food forest, coppice and forage system and will suport local biodivesity, habitat whilst producing sustainable yields for the local consumption.

Sponsor a volunteer: Invest in people. Help us host more Wooffer’s, more volunteers, more visitors to the centre and involve more people in the project and spread the learning.

Invest in renewables and local economies: We will be installing up to 8KW of PV on the planned barn at Pen Y Garnedd and there is a great potential for small scall hydro as well. Sponsorship to this strand of the project will help achieve these onjectives adn will contribute directly to developing our local energy economy as well as the long term sustainability of the site.

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