Energy Project for Permanent and Llanrhaeadr

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Permanent Housing cooperative, working with Sector39 and Sustainable Buildings have secured £40,000 from the Local Energy Action Fund to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in Llanrhaeadr.
Over the next 2 months we will be offering free energy advice, info on how to access up and coming grant schemes, as well as carrying our feasibilty studies for renewable energy investment in the community here.
We have started a new Website for the Llanrhaeadr Comunity Energy Project and we will publish all the details of our findings there.

Co-operation between co-operatives
Meanwhile, we are also keen to talk to anyone who would like to set up a mid Wales/ Marches co-operative support group. We would love to plan a weekend get together in the summer of people interested in developing co-ops, learning more about them and sharing skills and experience for the sucessful operation.

One of the principles of cooperation is cooperation between cooperatives, and there are surely many advantages to be gained by forming a working alliance btween cooperatives in the area. Apparently 2012 is the year of the coop, when better to celebrate our sucesses and to work towards a common future?

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