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We have long had an interest and a desire to add to the Coop by acquiring land on which we can develop a long term sustainable livlihood for ourselves. Furthermore our interest in permaculture and low impact development leads us to want to demonstrate permaculture design ideas on a larger scale than we have had opportunity to do in the past at Chickenshack and Cwm Harry in Newtown. This time last year we came very close to acquiring a 23 acrr plot near to Llanrhaeadr and this certainly stimulated our enthusiasm to make this happen.

So, once agin we are very close to securing our dream plot.. not wanting to tempt fate we are not saying where or releasing any details at this juncture, but the plot we have identified satisfies all of our criteria and so long as we can agree on the price on Jan 5th then we will have a clear chance to proceed. The Jan 5th date is when we are meeting the vendor and his agent, and although we have been in dicsussion for some months, this is finally the opportunity to make an agreement.

We have a collective vision of an integrated diverse plot, with farm buildings, workshops, courses facilities, horticulture, plant nursery, agro forestry, working horses and more. I personally would liek to work with food waste, composting process, worm farming, aqu culture and muushroom cultivation and i am hoping these activites will both compliment the other activites on the holding as well adding interst for courses and of importantly revenue. The plot is very varied, with lots of potential coppice wood, pasture, hedge, a certain amount of regeneration, mainly braken and gorse as well as farm buildings and animal barns.

Anyone interested in investing or being part of what we hope will be become a leading permaculture reseach centre for the UK should get in touch with Steve at the address.

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