Land purchase near Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant

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View from the northern end looking southwards

Download the proposal document.

We are currently putting together a £100,000 loanstock issue with the intention of buying the 22.93 acres of land for sale at Pen Y Garnedd, it is about 2.5 miles from where several of our co-op members are living and would be a fantastic development for Permanent Housing. The vision is to turn it into a larger scale demonstration of permaculture design principles at work, it is essentailly our community garden, for the co-operative, its friends and other stakeholders but to give it a grander name we are calling it the Pen Y Garnedd Permaculture Research Institute. The plan is to build diversity and water storage, plant and develop lots of coppice, have some rotational grazing and system as well as a whole lot more like teaching and theraputic retreats.

The land at Pen Y Garnedd can slowly grow into a sort of sustainable pension fund for its stakeholders. Coppice, food forest, a teaching environment and numerous other yields will be developed from a rich polyculture which we will work together to build.

view east

View looking east, over the constructed pond on the land

The fact that there is potentially a lot of water on the land is very exciting to us and I for one are interested in the potentials of aquaculture to compliment the other activities. Its early days yet but our offer has been accepted and we are now busy raising the rest of the money and building up to what for many us is the most interesting development. The opportunity to run permaculture design courses on a plot like this is really amazing, as well as exploring things like theraputic retreats. It is such a beautiful and unspoiled landscape it will make a powerful place for healing and retreat, as well as for growing and running courses.


location map

Loanstock Issue
The more money we can raise via loanstock the less financial pressure there will be on the land and we hope to raise most of the £100,000 we need this way. We also have outline support from Triodos Bank, who have given us mortgages on 2 previous projects, in case we need to get them involved to complete the sale. Needless to say the vendor is keen to get his cash and we can’t wait to get on the land so the sooner we can get this together the better. If you are interested in investing or being part of this project then get in touch! We are putting together a more formal proposal for the project and I can make copies of that available on demand.

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