Energy Project for Permanent and Llanrhaeadr

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Permanent Housing cooperative, working with Sector39 and Sustainable Buildings have secured £40,000 from the Local Energy Action Fund to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in Llanrhaeadr.
Over the next 2 months we will be offering free energy advice, info on how to access up and coming grant schemes, as well as carrying our feasibilty studies for renewable energy investment in the community here.
We have started a new Website for the Llanrhaeadr Comunity Energy Project and we will publish all the details of our findings there.

Co-operation between co-operatives
Meanwhile, we are also keen to talk to anyone who would like to set up a mid Wales/ Marches co-operative support group. We would love to plan a weekend get together in the summer of people interested in developing co-ops, learning more about them and sharing skills and experience for the sucessful operation.

One of the principles of cooperation is cooperation between cooperatives, and there are surely many advantages to be gained by forming a working alliance btween cooperatives in the area. Apparently 2012 is the year of the coop, when better to celebrate our sucesses and to work towards a common future?

Latest at Permanent housing

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We have long had an interest and a desire to add to the Coop by acquiring land on which we can develop a long term sustainable livlihood for ourselves. Furthermore our interest in permaculture and low impact development leads us to want to demonstrate permaculture design ideas on a larger scale than we have had opportunity to do in the past at Chickenshack and Cwm Harry in Newtown. This time last year we came very close to acquiring a 23 acrr plot near to Llanrhaeadr and this certainly stimulated our enthusiasm to make this happen.

So, once agin we are very close to securing our dream plot.. not wanting to tempt fate we are not saying where or releasing any details at this juncture, but the plot we have identified satisfies all of our criteria and so long as we can agree on the price on Jan 5th then we will have a clear chance to proceed. The Jan 5th date is when we are meeting the vendor and his agent, and although we have been in dicsussion for some months, this is finally the opportunity to make an agreement.

We have a collective vision of an integrated diverse plot, with farm buildings, workshops, courses facilities, horticulture, plant nursery, agro forestry, working horses and more. I personally would liek to work with food waste, composting process, worm farming, aqu culture and muushroom cultivation and i am hoping these activites will both compliment the other activites on the holding as well adding interst for courses and of importantly revenue. The plot is very varied, with lots of potential coppice wood, pasture, hedge, a certain amount of regeneration, mainly braken and gorse as well as farm buildings and animal barns.

Anyone interested in investing or being part of what we hope will be become a leading permaculture reseach centre for the UK should get in touch with Steve at the address.

Land Collective

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We are currently working on a proposal to purchase farm land and possibly buildings, locally  for the purpose of creating an agro-forestry, permaculture style holding.

This holding will be managed by our new Land Collective, who will in turn be a tenant of Permanent Housing Co-operative. We came very close to completing a sale on a 23 acre plot last year, and it is our intention to build on the momentum from that experience to identify and purchase a something similar in the local area, were it to come available.

We are evolving a set of rules for the collective and there can be viewed here.

Painfully close!

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We are all pretty devastated to see three months of work hopes and dreams evaporate beofre our eyes as the land at Pen Y Garnedd we have been persuing has been sold to a cash buyer. It is a challenge as a cooperative, needing to raise a mortgage and build concensus with members, seeking planning guidance etc.. to do it quickly. It has actually been three months at least since we made an offer on teh land so we can understand the vendor getting impatient, but it seems like we missed out on the sale by one day only!! So coming so close really hurts….

We have had formal notification from Triodos bank that they approve our business plan and therefore the mortgage and we have been able to riase the rest in lonastock that we need for the both the sale and to erect the barn that we know we will wold need.

I guess all we can do now is stand by and be ready if and when something comparable comes on the market… so watch this space for developments.

Permanent Housing Update

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This Sunday, 30th January we are planning to meet at the Plough Inn, Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant, at 1.00 pm for a get together and update of where we are at with the Land Purchase project.

Core group memebrs are then invited for lunch at Steve and Ian’s flat at 1.30 for a talk about meeting the planners and to finalise loanstock investments for the purchase deal. We are very close now to finally closing the deal and we hope to be able to offer a firm completion date after the weekend. all the paperwork has been submitted to the bank and the soliciters are standing by.

We are still open to investors potentially, but if you are interested we would love to know about it soon!

Sponsor a PYG

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permaculture at pen y garnedd

Permaculture at Pen y Garnedd Logo, by Ian Watt

Ian has been busy working on a logo design for the Pen Y Gardnedd Permaculture research Institute and we have come up with an idea of how folk might be able to get more directly  involved in supporting the project. As well as accepting donations we are also seeking sponsorship in three key areas of project development.

The logo refelcts the Earth Care, People Care, Fair Shares ethic of permaculture, or put another way, investment in

  • Earth capital in the form of biodiversity, soils, water-retention,
  • Social capital, people, edcuation, inter-connnctions, community, and
  • Local Economies and local resources, as expressed by the water wheel icon.

Parallel to this we are develop a sponsorship scheme, with the same three strands.

Sponsor a tree: Will help us channel resources into the development of our food forest, coppice and forage system and will suport local biodivesity, habitat whilst producing sustainable yields for the local consumption.

Sponsor a volunteer: Invest in people. Help us host more Wooffer’s, more volunteers, more visitors to the centre and involve more people in the project and spread the learning.

Invest in renewables and local economies: We will be installing up to 8KW of PV on the planned barn at Pen Y Garnedd and there is a great potential for small scall hydro as well. Sponsorship to this strand of the project will help achieve these onjectives adn will contribute directly to developing our local energy economy as well as the long term sustainability of the site.

Land purchase near Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant

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View from the northern end looking southwards

Download the proposal document.

We are currently putting together a £100,000 loanstock issue with the intention of buying the 22.93 acres of land for sale at Pen Y Garnedd, it is about 2.5 miles from where several of our co-op members are living and would be a fantastic development for Permanent Housing. The vision is to turn it into a larger scale demonstration of permaculture design principles at work, it is essentailly our community garden, for the co-operative, its friends and other stakeholders but to give it a grander name we are calling it the Pen Y Garnedd Permaculture Research Institute. The plan is to build diversity and water storage, plant and develop lots of coppice, have some rotational grazing and system as well as a whole lot more like teaching and theraputic retreats.

The land at Pen Y Garnedd can slowly grow into a sort of sustainable pension fund for its stakeholders. Coppice, food forest, a teaching environment and numerous other yields will be developed from a rich polyculture which we will work together to build.

view east

View looking east, over the constructed pond on the land

The fact that there is potentially a lot of water on the land is very exciting to us and I for one are interested in the potentials of aquaculture to compliment the other activities. Its early days yet but our offer has been accepted and we are now busy raising the rest of the money and building up to what for many us is the most interesting development. The opportunity to run permaculture design courses on a plot like this is really amazing, as well as exploring things like theraputic retreats. It is such a beautiful and unspoiled landscape it will make a powerful place for healing and retreat, as well as for growing and running courses.


location map

Loanstock Issue
The more money we can raise via loanstock the less financial pressure there will be on the land and we hope to raise most of the £100,000 we need this way. We also have outline support from Triodos Bank, who have given us mortgages on 2 previous projects, in case we need to get them involved to complete the sale. Needless to say the vendor is keen to get his cash and we can’t wait to get on the land so the sooner we can get this together the better. If you are interested in investing or being part of this project then get in touch! We are putting together a more formal proposal for the project and I can make copies of that available on demand.

Latest news from Permanent Housing Co-op

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Its been a  busy time at Permanent, we have completed the sale on our first property – in September and Nina and Mark have had the twins at the same time. So we are now a multi generational housing co-op and we are all very excited by the progress. Big thanks to Triodos bank who have provided us with a mortgage and to Gilbert Davies solicitors who did a lot of the paperwork for us. Vet vest wishes to Wayne and Diane and family wishing Wayne a speedy recovery from his recent health scare. We are also just back from Treflach farm where have been running a 2 week permaculture design course with Sector39, which was an amazing experience.